Reality with the King goes behind the scenes of some of your favorite reality TV shows' most iconic moments. In each episode, we rehash shocking betrayals, hilarious interactions, and dramatic scenes from The Real Housewives Franchise, Love & Marriage: Huntsville, The Bachelor, and much more. Join one of the most sought-after executive producers and king of reality television, Carlos King, as he dishes and spills the tea with reality TV stars we all know, love, and love to hate. 

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About Carlos King

Carlos King is one of the most sought-after executive producers in reality television. With over ten years under his production belt, King has quickly created a niche for himself in the docu-soap arena. He has produced high-profile programs such as eight seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes and The Four on Fox.

Under his production company Kingdom Reign Entertainment, King has created shows such as Styling Hollywood (Netflix), Love & Marriage: Huntsville (OWN) and Hollywood Divas (TV One); just to name a few.

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